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RentRhino—Don’t Get Gored!

Moving Out of Your Place?

Do these simple cleaning tasks
- before you move out -
to help save your security deposit!
Move Out Cleaning Checklist


What is RentRhino?

RentRhino is a mobile application that helps users protect themselves from hidden fees and claims from their landlords. The application offers cloud storage of apartment damage or resident claims as evidence in case a conflict may arise. It empowers future renters by providing them with the necessary resources to protect themselves from malicious fees.

Rent Rhino allows you to effectively assess the move-in conditions of your new apartment or rental home. Our user friendly system allows you to take quick snapshots of your place, so you are not charged extra for pre-existing damages when you move out.


Your new Best Friend.

RentRhino levels the playing field between renters and landlords. RentRhino helps you to get back the maximum Security Deposit refund when you move out and reduces the hassle in the process.
RentRhino will guide you through the move-in and move-out inspection process when renting property. RentRhino takes you by the hand and tells you what to inspect, room by room. For each item you inspect RentRhino tells you what to look for and gives you the ability to fully document the condition with pictures and written descriptions of problems.


RentRhino is AVAILABLE on the iPhone and Android market so it is accessible to almost everyone with a smart phone.

Protect your turf and download RentRhino right now from the APPLE APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY. Use the links below from your Mac or PC or use the APP STORE APP OR GOOGLE PLAY (OR ANDROID MARKET) app on your smartphone.

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